Keep your Home & Belongings Safe this Holiday Season

Here are some tips to keep you, your home, and your belongings safe from intruders this holiday season.

Lock it up! – First and foremost of course make sure that your home &vehicles are safely locked and secured. Check all points of entrance (patio, garage, front and back doors). If you have a security bar for sliding windows or patio doors, make sure that you are using them and if you do not have a dead bolt on all of your  exterior doors, you may want to consider installing them.

Leave the Lights on – Your home is less appealing to intruders if it looks like someone is home. Leave outdoor and indoor lights on. And if you are away for an extended period of time, set some of your lights on a timer so it looks like people are coming and going from your property at random times. Thieves look for patterns.

Social Media – This is one place many of us take for granted as safe space. It is always fun to share our adventures with our friends and family, but make sure to check your privacy settings. Anything that is made viewable to the public,  or to friends of friends can make you and your home an open target. If you can help it, never announce that you will be going out of town before you do so. Wait until you return home to post those vacation photos!

Delivery of Packages – With the ease of online shopping, the occurrence of theft right from peoples front steps is increasing. Require that your packages be signed for, or have them delivered only to a place you know someone will be around like your place of work or a trusted friend or family member (unless of course they are the intended recipient).

Disposing of Boxes – Don’t make yourself a target for home invasion by leaving the box for your brand new big screen TV at the curb. Get creative about disposing of it, perhaps cutting the larger boxes up into smaller pieces or bringing it to a recycling center.

By taking these simple precautionary measures, you can ensure your families safety & security & make sure that the season remains merry & bright!