Kid’s Rooms: Organizing & Storing

Children bring joy and laughter to families, but they also come with a lot of gear! Before children are even born, homes start to clutter with baby items. Diapers! Clothes! Book! Toys! The items don’t go away soon–they just multiply and the items get bigger! Cars! Dolls! Puzzles! Books! To tackle the mess and clutter, major organizing needs to happen. Items need to be stored, and everything needs to have their space. Storage containers are crucial. Luckily, there are many great storage options. Storage containers can match your decor, and you can get creative! Children’s storage can go above and beyond colored bins in primary colors.

As children grow and their gear changes, you will likely need to change your organization and storage for them. Once kids are old enough, get their input. Find out what they play with most and what you need access to–put those items in areas they can easily obtain. Find items that can be displayed, and figure out what items can be tucked away out of view.

HGTV shared some tips here!

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