New Year’s Resolutions

Get Organized! Get Fit! Eat Healthy! Spend More Time Outside! Read More! Spend More Time With Family and Friends!

Many people make resolutions to begin a new year, and we think that we can help you ensure that you can follow your 2013 resolutions. We often hear about people wanting to 1) get organized, 2) get fit, 3) eat healthy, 4) spend more time outdoors, 5) read more, 6) spend more time with family and friends. We would love to be able to help you reach your goals!

Get Organized! People try to organize their homes and their lives. We can help your life get a bit more organized by helping you to better organize your home. Do you have too much clutter? Do you spend more time finding “homes” for items than you do actually cleaning or organizing? Do you need more space? Would you like to add: more closets, more shelving, more kitchen cabinets, a pantry, his and her spaces, a bigger garage, more rooms, a man cave, a dressing room, or a storage shed? J Brothers can help you get more organized!


Get Fit! Do you need space to workout at home? We can help you add more rooms or transform a current room into a space where you can work out. Maybe your unfinished basement could turn into your personal gym or your daughter’s former room just needs a “facelift” to be able to hold the supplies you need to make your home gym a reality.


Eat Healthy! Eating healthier can be easy when you arm yourself with the right tools. Do you need more space in your kitchen to house more food? Could your appliances use an upgrade to allow foods to stay fresher or cook things healthier? Does your outdoor living space allow for an herb or vegetable garden? J Brothers can help you to create the space you need to help you live a healthy life.


Spend More Time Outside! Does your outdoor living space need some TLC? We have helped people fall in love with the outdoors again by adding or upgrading decks, patios, outdoor bars, pools, hot tubs, fire pits, seating, lighting, walkways, screened porches and so on. Enjoy all four seasons that MN has to offer by creating the perfect outdoor space!


Read More! We can help you create the perfect spot for you to cuddle up with your favorite book, magazine, newspaper or tablet. Would you like your very own reading nook? We can help you add space to a room that you already have or can help you create a new room.


Spend More Time with Family and Friends! Do you need more room for entertaining? We can help you create the perfect family room! If you enjoy watching movies, tv or playing video games, maybe it’s time for a theater room. Would you like a space for a pool table or air hockey table? Maybe a bar would be perfect for you to welcome your friends. J Brothers can help you open your home to more entertaining options.


As you work to maintain your resolutions of 2013, don’t forget to contact J Brothers to help you reach your goals!


Thanks for reading,


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