Remodel With Less Stress

Article Taken from the June/July 2019 Plymouth Magazine
Interview with our very own Mitchell Johnson

Home remodels are often less costly than moving. And whether it’s a complete overhaul or a smaller-scale refresh, remodeling is a great way to increase resale value or improve your homes functionality and appearance to fit changing tastes or stges of life. We chat with Mitch Johnson, field superintendent for J brothers Home Improvement, about how to complete a home remodel with your sanity intact.

Choose the Right Company

Johnson says, “When choosing a contractor, it shouldn’t always come down to just the price. We will be a part of your life and family for weeks to months at a time. J Brothers goes above and beyond to communicate with homeowners often so they know what – and who – is going on at their home each day, and to keep expectations clear, says Johnson.

Keep it Clean

“The key to keeping a client happy is to keep their house as clean as possible throughout the project. we cover the floor from the front door to the area of remodeling, protecting the areas that are not being worked on,” he says. “If only my wide saw how hard I try to keep other people’s houses clean!”

Leave Extra Time

“Give yourself five extra minutes to find the cat every morning,” says Johnson. “All the stuff moved out of the basement makes for some great hiding places. You might even need to hire a contortionist to grab him out of his / her new hidey hole!”

Aim for the Right Season

It’s easier to remove doors or windows when it is warm out, but winter can be great for renovating. “Definitely arrange for record snowfall,” Johnson says, with a laugh. “It makes for a great distraction from the dust inside! Plus, the extra days off of school and work allow for time to shop for hardware, appliances, and light fixtures.” – MK