Removing Snow From Your Roof – Is It Necessary?

So far this year we have been pretty lucky (according to some of us) with the snowfall amounts here in the Twin Cities. But after last winter many of us won’t soon forget that heavy snowfalls can be quite common around these parts, and many of you may be wondering if it is actually necessary to shovel it off your roof or not. There are conflicting opinions to this question, so I asked Chuck what he thought.

Here are his words of wisdom: 

A light layer of snow actually works as insulation and is nothing to worry about.  

Keep an eye on the valleys of your roof. With the warm and cold weather we have had so far this season, there is a potential for ice dams. They can cause melting ice and snow to back up & overtime cause structural damage & leaks to your roof.

Make sure that snow or ice is not covering any of your exhaust vents as this can cause carbon monoxide build up in your home. Many vents are put in on the side of  homes these days, but make sure that you are aware of where yours are located and keep an eye on them.

If you should need to clean anything off, make sure that you have the appropriate tools to do so. A snow rake is your best option for snow removal. You can pick one up at any local big box home improvement retailer. You will also need a sturdy ladder that extends high enough to safely support you. If your roof is too high or the pitch is too steep, it is advisable that you call in a professional to do the job.