Custom Home Remodeling Experience Focused on Service and Satisfaction

At J Brothers, we provide a smooth, stress-free remodeling process with a constant focus on your satisfaction. We take pride in our work and go above and beyond your expectations. Our crews always show respect for the home, keeping it clean, protected, and comfortably livable during construction.

We want you to know that J Brothers was the right choice long before you see the final product. Our collaborative process emphasizes transparency and frequent, open communication to ensure satisfaction without any surprises.

1. Initial Meeting

Once you contact us, we set up a meeting at your home. The objective of this meeting is to discuss your goals and vision for the project, so be sure to consider the following beforehand:

  • What area(s) of the home do you want remodeled?
  • What look/style do you want to achieve? Save and bring inspirational images and ideas.
  • How will you use the space?
  • What’s your desired budget and timeline?

2. Estimate Preparation

Once we know more about you and your project, we begin building a cost estimate for you to review.


3. Project Development

We draw up existing and new plans with options and electrical plans while working with you to determine details for a more accurate bid.  The plans are sent out to subcontractors for bid upon completion, and then the contract is written.


4. Contract Review

After we’ve compiled the estimate and built the contract, we give it to you for review. We answer any questions, address concerns, and make any necessary revisions. Once approved, you sign the contract and make the down payment.

5. Selections

Clients will work with one of our in-house Interior Designers to make product and material options.  We will provide professional guidance for maintaining your budget. The space will also be modeled in 3D to help visualize how it will look. Should there be any impact on the preliminary budget, change orders and credit memos will be done after this stage.

6. Create Schedule

Before construction begins, we outline a daily schedule for the project. You’ll know what to expect each day: who will be at the home, what they’ll be doing, when they’ll arrive, and when they’ll finish for the day. And no matter which crew(s) are on the job that day, our hands-on approach means a J Brothers project manager is there to ensure exceptional quality.


7. Construction

At the onset of every job, we prioritize the safety and comfort of your home. Our thorough cover down process protects the rest of your home outside the work area and ensures you can live comfortably for the project’s duration. We take additional steps out of respect for you and your home:

  • The work area is zippered off from the rest of the home.
  • We provide an on-site portable restroom for crew members to use.
  • We take time at the end of each day to clean and tidy up tools, materials, etc.
  • The J Brothers project manager checks the project and work area for quality at the end of each day.

We emphasize transparency with every project to make it smooth and stress-free. No changes are made without client approval to avoid any surprises, and we maintain an ongoing line of communication to address any question or concerns you may have along the way.

8. Project Completion

Now comes the final walk-through and time to celebrate your custom remodeled home!
At J Brothers, exceeding expectations with superior service and craftsmanship is the norm.


Explore our project galleries to see for yourself and contact us to schedule your initial meeting.